MAY 30 -JUNE 03, 2017
CROCUS EXPO IEC, Moscow, Russia

AUTOTRANS and InterLogistika: for the first time in one venue


AUTOTRANS and InterLogistika: for the first time in one venue

From September 8 to 11, 2014, the Crocus Expo international exhibition center, one of the largest in Eastern Europe, will host two international trade shows simultaneously (Pavilion 1, Halls 1—4): AUTOTRANS (trucks/buses/special vehicles) and InterLogistika (a show of integrated solutions for transport and logistics). Both these shows are organized by Media Globe Group, Russia’s leading independent exhibition operator.

The shows are organized with the aim of putting up a professional platform where attendees will be able to learn about advanced solutions, technologies and products in transport and logistics.

AUTOTRANS is a specialized show for professionals operating in the commercial vehicle market. It can be interesting for manufacturers and distributors of commercial vehicles, machinery, and services, and also for businesses and enterprises using commercial vehicles in their operations.

InterLogistika is an efficient professional forum to discuss various matters concerning transport, management, delivery, customs, cargo support, standardization and certification, IT-based solutions.

Taking into account the various interests and needs of the exhibitors and attendees of the shows, and aiming to promote and help enlarge their operations, the organizers decided to focus especially on a joint business program and to give maximum coverage to the most important issues and topics in related industries. Most reputable Russian and international specialists are consulted what regards working out the business program.

More than 300 businesses from Russia, the CIS and overseas will take part in the two shows. An area of 20,000 square meters will be a showcase for achievements in development of the commercial vehicle and logistics markets.

Professional expertise and experience of the organizers, opportunities provided by a modern exhibition platform, and a large-scale promotional campaign aimed at bringing professional attendees from Russian regions and from abroad (both neighboring countries and faraway nations) will guarantee success to companies operating in logistics and commercial transport as exhibitors at the shows.

We invite all businesses willing to promote their products and services, to establish new business contacts and partnerships, and to engage in efficient networking, to take an active part in the two shows, AUTOTRANS/14 and InterLogistika’2014.

Media Globe Group has operated in the business-to-business sector of the Russian market since 1999.

Media Globe plans, organizes and holds a number of major industry shows, such as:

  • Construction Equipment and Technologies (CTT), a No. 1 show of construction machinery and equipment in Russia and CIS countries.
  • СOMTRANS, an international truck show, the largest commercial vehicle show in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. In odd years, a show under the AUTOTRANS brand is held.
  • Russia, an international construction and interior show.
  • Moscow International Furniture Show (МIFS).
  • InterLogistika, an international show of integrated solutions for transport and logistics.

Media Globe publishes specialized magazines, such as Commercial Transport (ComTrans) and Construction Equipment and Technologies (СТТ).